Hello :) My name is Ricardo, I live in Sao Paulo since I was born in 1986. I do enjoy Lego, Airplanes (well, if I weren’t here in IT my dream was to be a pilot) and Kubernetes Stuff.

I work with Linux Administration (back when this wasn’t called SRE) since 2007, with some background also in security.

I’m the author of kubepug and you might see some bad bad coding practices, as this is my attempt to learn better Go coding :D

You will see me around there trying to learn new stuffs always, and writing some experiences here. If you want to reach out and provide me some feedback, or ask something from anything I wrote here please please please! Feel free to direct message me.

My twitter and Linkedin are here, I’m also around Kubernetes Slack as @rpkatz.

Hope you enjoy the content here :)